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YouCube is a service for accessing media providers in ComputerCraft, the popular Minecraft mod that allows players to program in-game computers using the Lua programming language. With YouCube, you can easily stream media from your favorite providers, all from the comfort of your in-game computer.

Whether you're looking to listen to music, watch movies, or catch up on the latest TV shows, YouCube has you covered. Simply install YouCube, enter a URL or search term, and start exploring all that YouCube has to offer.

So why wait? Start enjoying the best in media entertainment with YouCube today!


Supported Sites

YouCube is optimized for YouTube. It supports Spotify, but only when the YouCube server has it enabled. It supports all sites from yt-dlp, as well as yt-dlp's generic downloader. So, if you can find a direct link to a media file, YouCube will probably be able to play it.

How it works

    actor Client
    box rgb(33,66,99) Server
        participant Sanic
        participant YT-DLP
        participant Cache
        participant FFmpeg
        participant Sanjuuni
    Note over Cache: Folder on server
    Note over Sanic: Web server
    Client-)Sanic: Sends a media request
    Note over Sanic: If the media is from spotify<br/>use spotipy to get information to<br/>create a serch term
    Sanic--)YT-DLP: Get information about the media
    Sanic-)Client: Tells the client<br/>inforamtion about the media
    Sanic--)YT-DLP: Downloads media
    YT-DLP-)Cache: Stores media in cache
    Sanic--)FFmpeg: Convert audio to dfpwm
    FFmpeg-)Cache: Stores audio in cache
    Sanic--)Sanjuuni: Convert video to 32vid
    Sanjuuni-)Cache: Stores video in cache
    Cache->Cache: Deletes original downloaded media
    loop Streaming
        Client-)Sanic: Request video and audio chunks
        Cache-)Sanic: Reads video and audio chunks
        Sanic-)Client: Sends video and audio chunks
        Note over Client: Receives and displays the media

Last update: November 15, 2023